Print Lives.

Flint Hills Resources Trade Magazine AdYes, we live in an electronic age and have for some time now. And yes, everything changes, fast. But when it come to personal communication and sales, people still want to be handed something that they can take away with them.  Whether it’s the first impression of a well designed business card or a company brochure, handing out a printed presentation piece is a tactile way for you to connect with another individual.  It’s more personal than an email and a perspective client is much more likely to read it and keep it.  Especially if it is designed and printed well.  Yes, print lives…and works.

Cattle Barrons Cover ArtIt may be a direct mailer a customer receives, or it may be an advertisement in a trade magazine, but print communication is alive and well.  When you are asked “what do you do?”, your answer should always be framed around how you can help this person or their company. Your company print communications should also be designed to answer this question as well.  But in print, unlike the spoken word, a well designed print piece cannot only communicate the important information about your services or product, but it can represent you visually and stylistically.  It can communicate your attention to detail and focus on quality and value.  For these reasons, a well designed print brochure can sway a perspective client in your favor. When an individual holds your brochure or business card in his or her hands, it is a confident message that you stand behind your work and that it is an extension of you and your reputation.  When something is in print, it can not be withdrawn or edited…it is your word. So it better be accurate and it needs to be well crafted.
WLDI1An experienced and creative designer is a wise choice to execute your print communications. For your next exterior sign, that next billboard ad, or just a simple business card layout, it is human nature to respond well to good design.  Everybody knows it when they see it, because it make you stop and take a little longer look.  It’s all about capturing and holding peoples attention.  Quality professional design does just that, it gets you noticed and remembered.  When you spend money on ad space or a sign or a brochure, your print design money works harder for you when people stop and take notice, when you stand out from your competition.  The world is filled with mediocrity,  yours doesn’t have to.  Quality print design can make a difference in your organization.  Print communication has always lived and worked for business and most likely always will.  Why? Because people want to hold on to something. It’s real, it can be touched and is a direct extension of a you and your standards.  Print lives. Great design works.