First Impressions that Impress

web_sample_tefsjobfairPoint. Click. It’s “go time”!

When you go to a web site for the first time, what do you notice first? Color, a logo, simplicity, easy of use, Style?  These are all important characteristics.  But most importantly, is your web site working hard for you? Does it effectively communicate who you are and what you do and does it direct prospective customers to take action?  Good questions.

We live in an age of instant communication. The internet, smart phones and tablet computers, all competing for your attention. So when it’s your chance to make a first impression, you only get one. Your web site is your best and most often the first chance your company gets to make a positive impression to a perspective customer. It’s color, it’s images, it’s organization…it’s who you are, and it should capture attention, be memorable and most of all, professional. So don’t rely on your IT guy or some programmer to “produce” your web site. It’s too important as a marketing tool to “just have a web site”. Today people expect to see and  good company brand and a well designed web site that is easy to navigate. It’s fair to say the expectations are high when it comes to packaging. People respond to beautiful things, good design and a simple and direct message.

web_sample_jdmineralsMost of the time less is more, and more…is just more.  It’s not always easy to keep it simple.  There’s the message, the products or services, the background, the image, the people, the places, the contacts and so forth.  A web site can be the company hub for information, but it should also be inviting and interesting visually.   There in lies the real challenge. To achieve a balance, a merger between the business needs and the marketing  vision.  If designed properly, both can be satisfied with style and effectiveness.

Businesses survive on customer loyalty but grow with new ideas, new approaches and new markets.  A well designed web site positions a company to grow into new markets and can attract new and different customers. To attract new customers, your web site must be flexible and not tied to a desktop.  The latest statistics show that most people use their smart phones and tablets to search the internet for what they need. Your business web site should adapt and take full advantage of this growing trend.  If your not on the web your losing customers.  If your on the web, you better have your best game face on.